Handbag trends for Spring / Summer 2012

Key Handbag trends for Spring/Summer 2012

As we shiver against the biting wind and cold this week, I’m flicking through the latest editions of the fashion press, trying desperately to gain some warmth from their pages.  It all seems so bright and balmy in comparison to what I see out of the window.  Oh to be in southern France right now sipping a café au lait.  Alas, I am not, so back to reality and back to what is going to be hanging off your arm this spring:

Modern Embellishment – this seems to be an emerging trend, maybe a left over from tribal last season, however it seems to be getting more sophisticated and bags are being adorned with crystals stones and bling.  Be careful not to overdo it though, less is more!

Transparency – along with the new sporting theme for clothes, bags are going ‘see through’ with a sporting twist.  Bowling bags and gym bags that offer the onlooker a peek at your personals is not something I’m keen on.  Only follow this trend if you’re squeaky clean! 

Skin – it was leopard last season, this season it’s skin. Be it snake, eel, crocodile this is going to continue our love affair with our animal instincts.  Again less is more, with the more subdued and relaxed tones making a more expensive look.  Our Lola clutch is perfect with a lux matt finish and gold clasp and lock.


Lola snake handbag trends Spring / Summer 2012


Ladylike Pastels & Baby hues – gorgeous powder pinks and ice cream colours have emerged as a key trend for handbags this spring.  Easy to wear and not too offensive this colour palate can see you straight through to the end of summer.  Yellow is hottest on the charts, so if you want something to brighten up your day go bright and bold with this glorious sunshine colour.

White mischief – again white seems to pop up every spring, this season it’s all about the different shades of white.  Off white, ice cream, bright white and ice all have a role to play.  Our Mariella in Vanilla cream offers you the perfect balance of café au lait with chocolate brown trim to make it easier to match with your other accessories.


Mariella in Vanilla Hero Handbag Trends For Spring / Summer 2012


Roaring twenties – we’re loving this look back at vintage, following on from last season we’re now looking at box like shapes in your handbag, a more structured look with a top handle.  Very proper, very British, very us.  Watch out for some of our new designs following this trend later this spring.

Feminine Florals – Bold florals were all over the catwalk in Milan fashion week, so expect this trend to filter down into accessories, let the bag do the talking with bright patterns and textures uplift any outfit.

Mini mini micro… Clutch bags are getting smaller by the minute; we’re now seeing palm sized bags which are cute and dinky, albeit totally impractical! Choose ones with added functionality like a built in purse or mobile phone pocket.


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