Are You Dreading The Valentines Day Blues?

Are You Dreading The Valentines Day Blues?

Are you dreading valentines day? We all our! Well he are some tips to help you with the valentines day blues

Dreading the 14th of February? Then DropofPink are here to advise you on how to enjoy the day without crying into your pillowcase feeling sorry for yourself:

1. Firstly, you are not alone millions of singletons all over the world dred this romantic clichéd day. I for one am not single, but to me the day is too much of a marketing opportunity for shops to promote sexual based items, flowers, chocolates that have tripled in price and all the rest of the excessively expensive presents. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, laugh at the money you will be saving in the long run.

2. Secondly, I’m sure you all have girlfriends who are single, and also dislike the day just as much as you. Tell them to get their heels on and hit the town. You don’t have to get drunk in order to forget what the day is for, just have a drink or two and have a laugh with the girls. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a romantic partner, you have friends and they last a lifetime.

3. Thirdly, Valentine’s Day is usually (stereotypically) about the lady getting spoilt. You don’t have to be spoilt by a partner in order to feel good. Grab your purse and hit the shops. Treat yourself to a new dress, some new shoes, even your favourite food will do. Shopping creates happy endorphins within yourself, which will have you walking round with a smile tattooed to your face. You don’t have to be in love to feel great.

4. Fourthly, the worst idea you could possibly have is to spend the day lusting over Rom Com films, this will make things ten times worse. The plan is to sit with your feet up, alone or with a girl pal, and lust over what you don’t have, and to be quite frank what any of us don’t have. Don’t do it! Rom Com’s are an unrealistic portrayal of love, and will only make you aspire something which you will never be able to obtain- Mr Perfect. Instead, if you want to watch a movie with a friend, grab a bottle of wine, a Comedy DVD, and laugh yourself dry all night long.

5. Lastly, Love is something that comes at the right time. Feel like the time is right and yet there is still no one around? Love can come at any given moment, usually when we least expect it. So don’t mope around feeling sorry for yourself, get yourself out there, enjoy single life in the time being, and look forward to the times ahead. Don’t dwell on what you don’t have, dwell on what you do have- it will be sure to make you smile, no matter what clichéd day it is.


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Written by Daisy Craydon

4 Responses to “Are You Dreading The Valentines Day Blues?”

  1. Helen says:

    This had made me feel so much better about valentines day! Thank you Daisy :) xx

  2. No worries at all Helen. Just keep smiling, don’t let the day get the better of you xx

  3. Julie says:

    Brilliant outlook on the whole thing- I am lucky that Tegans birthday is the 14th so I dont have to be miserable :) xx The dog generally buys me a box of chocolates hee hee xx

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