Beauty Blog of The Week:- Musical Houses

Beauty Blog of The Week:- Musical Houses

Beauty Blog of The Week- Musical Houses

When I started my blog over two years ago, I was pursuing my MSc in London, and was all brain-bored from studying for exams. On a whim, I started a blog, remembering that some of my friends from the USA had requested for swatches and photos of makeup brands they could only get in the UK. I was fortunate that other than me and my friends, other people wanted to read my blog too!

My beauty blog that has since developed from my boredom, Of Faces and Fingers, is known for its frank, honest reviews, and its no-nonsense skincare knowledge. I don’t believe in writing a rave, glowing review for a product just because it’s provided free as a sample. I have turned down product reviews where I was asked to let their PR approve my review before it went up on my site, or give ownership of my review (words, photos, and all) to the PR people or company. I also don’t believe in copying-and-pasting a press release on my blog, especially if it has unrealistic, hyperbolic language (e.g. “Scientifically formulated with ginko extract to grow your lashes by 5 times in just 7 days!”). On a couple of occasions, I was asked by PR agencies to modify a review to include their marketing language as though it was my own opinion, but if I can’t believe it, then I don’t write it down. Fortunately, I feel that readers do appreciate the honesty, and I’m always encouraged by feedback thanking me for the frankness. To me, the reputation as an honest blogger precedes the presence of PR samples.

At its best, beauty blogging should be a celebration of the beauty in every woman. In the limited context of my beauty blog, this means an unfiltered, non-manufactured opinion, from your average girl, not a celebrity pretending to be “just like us” while trying to sell us stuff. After all, you can see famous people hawking their stuff any day, and “reality” TV shows are on every TV channel. I mean, even Justin Bieber, who probably doesn’t know a thing about nail polish, has a nail polish collection to his name! In this age of ever-increasing commercialization, I believe more than ever in the heart of blogging – honest opinions, from the girl next door, who does not have a hidden agenda to sell a line of products. I feel that my blog readers do derive value from my unglamorous, straight-talking posts, flaws and all, so I try my best to have my blog encapsulate this ideal as well.

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years and have enjoyed every aspect of it. Writing offers an form of freedom and self-expression, photography offers an way to gain a new perspective on things, and I’ve even improved my HTML skills through having to fiddle around with the code on my blog. And of course, I’ve also enjoyed being a part of the beauty blogging community, that never fails to introduce me to the latest trends, and provides an inspiration for more ideas. It can be tough work sometimes – the need to balance the blog with a full-time job and social commitments, the need to keep staying fresh in terms of ideas, and the need to develop a thick skin as your work gets criticized on the internet. It may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely a passion for me.

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