VIDEO:- How to get longer eyelashes!

How to get longer eyelashes!

how to get longer lashes

I tend to get asked many questions on beauty and fashion, one of my most asked questions..I would have to say, would be “How to get Longer & Fuller Lashes”!

It’s nothing new for some to use false eyelashes or ways that tend to move away from the more “Natural Look”; Although not everyone has the time, or money to spend daily just on their eyelashes. Having done a bit of researching on the topic and speaking to the older generation about home-remedies, I found a few ways to give your eyelashes a fuller look, without the excess time!

Firstly, using Almond Oil is a must…!

How you might ask..?!

Well, rubbing Almond Oil onto your finger tips and gently rubbing them onto the roots of your eyelashes, allow them to strengthen and grow. I recommend trying this step before sleeping; this way your eyelash roots can have time to absorb the liquid. Continuing this step once a week, will allow your lashes to store the liquid and look longer.

While researching on other forms and techniques, I also came across the “Fiber” technique.

Living in the 21st Century, we tend to receive a lot of products that “promise” certain results; although it’s all about the ones you try our and trust, and the ones you don’t. The transplanting Gel is used as normal Mascara, with layers of Fiber quotes! It sounds a bit scary.. I must admit, although as shown in the video below, the steps are simple and the results are amazing!!

The length, volume and fullness of your lashes, completely depends on you. The amount of quotes you apply, the longer and fuller they will look.

I tend to apply less quotes during the daytime, and more for a sexier, fuller look, during nighttime.

Below I used the “Love Alpha Fiber Mascara & Transplanting Gel-brush” from Although this new trend can be bought from almost anywhere. Its defiantly worth a try. And judging from the results, I fell in love with the products and not to forget to mention…the packaging!!

A+ for sure =)

Till next time..Love Lilian x

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    This is awesome! :) <3

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    Very cute eyes… :) Ooh, this is really pretty.

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