How To Get Rid of Static From Hair

How To Get Rid of Static From Hair

How To Get Rid of Static From Hair

As fall and winter approach, many people begin to suffer from static. It’s annoying enough when static gets on your clothes, but when it causes your hair to stick up uncontrollably, that’s a whole different story. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to help rid your hair of static electricity.

Before we go into how to get static out of your hair, you should first understand what’s causing it. Basically, static electricity is found in dry air, and when your hair comes in contact with it, the electricity transfers to your hair. The result is wild and unruly hair that does what it wants. Typically, static electricity occurs more frequently in the winter months when there’s less moisture in the air.

Because static electricity lingers and clings to dry hair, common sense should tell you that moisturizing your hair will help prevent it. When you shower, massage an ample amount of deep moisturizing conditioner into your hair and scalp. This added moisture will help prevent static from transferring to your hair. Also, try to avoid over-washing your hair, as this will only dry it out. Instead of washing your hair daily, try washing it every other day.

Another trick in preventing static from developing on your hair is to keep it off of your clothes. Dryer sheets are intended to ward off static from clothes. You can pick up a box of 50 of them for only a couple of bucks. Simply throw one into the dryer each time you do a load of clothes. Wool is a material that’s notorious for attracting static. If you can. Try to avoid wearing wool shirts or clothes.

Even with taking all these precautions, static will sometimes inevitably make its way onto your hair. When it does, you’ll have to use some other tactics to get rid of it. If you have some leftover dryer sheets, try taking one and rubbing it over the surface of your hair. Not only will it help pull the static out, but it will give your hair a fresh clean smell as well.

Sometimes you can get rid of static in your hair by lightly spraying it down with water. The trick is to not soak your hair with water, but instead just lightly spray it. After you’re done, rub it into your hair a bit to help it soak through.

If you want to use something more dense than water, you can try a bit of hand lotion. Squirt a small amount on your hands and begin rubbing it in your hair. You may have to try a few different types of lotion, as some work better than others. If you do this once a day, then you’ll likely see the static begin to fade from your hair.

Following the advice I’ve given here will certainly help you prevent and get rid of hair static. Just remember to keep your hair moisturized and avoid items which attract static it’s really that simple! I hope you have enjoyed our tips on how to get rid of static hair. :)

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