Top 10 Summer Beauty Tips!

Top 10 Summer Beauty Tips!  

Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is here (thank god) and even if the weather isn’t here, you can be bang on style with these handy tips:

1) Bold and striking make-up is in right now, so why not add some glitter to your Party eyes? Even if you get glitter residue on your face, there is no need to re-do your base make-up, just dab masking tape lightly to collect the fallout!

2) If you have dry tired lips, try applying lip balm with a sugar cube, doing this will exfoliate and hydrate your lips!

3) If you’ve been on holiday and caught the sun, or fake baked it, either way wearing a brightly coloured nail polish will seriously enhance your tan.

4) In the day, you want to look fresh and bright, so lay off the heavy make-up. A nice light foundation (perhaps a mousse base) and a peachy blusher will do the trick. Try using a mineral based blusher too, as this will create a ‘colour from within’ look rather than a ‘make up on top’ look.

5) If you wear lipstick often and are striving for a new dramatic look, try teaming a brighter coloured lipstick with a less daring one, this will give you hundreds of colour options and will create a unique look. Apply the darker colour first, say a blood red. Then on the centre park of your upper and lower lip add the less daring colour, a gold for instance. Rub your lips together to blend the colours slightly and hey presto, your personal lipstick style in minutes.

6) During the hot months of the year, skin can become dehydrated. Dyhydrated skin = dully dullsville. But the answer is simple, drink plenty of water (very good for your body as well as your skin) and use moisturiser everyday. There are fragrance free moisturisers for sensitive skin too!

7) Keep a hydration spray with you in your bag and when your make up begins to feel tired and dull, a quick spritz on your face will instantly rehydrate your face to make you look and feel fresh. Perfect for dinner with the girls after a hard day at work!

8) If you’re detoxing, then a spoonfull of organic apple cider vinegar is really good for ‘cleaning you out’.

9) If you’re not blessed with beach ready waves then after a shower, towel dry your hair then put it into loose plaits, leaving them in overnight. After you take the plaits out in the morning, apply a good sea salt spray to add bulk and oomph to your hair. This is perfect for thinner hair types!

10) If you want blonde sun kissed hair without dying it, try spraying a mix between lemon juice and water onto your hair, this will not only make you smell summery all day but will naturally highlight your hair, leading to DIY blonde highlights.

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