Tips on How to Keep a Guy Interested

Tips How to Keep a Guy Interested

How to Keep a Guy Interested

Never leave the house without make-up. I’m not saying you need to cake yourself for every outing you go on, but unless you have flawless skin, constantly rosy cheeks and eyelashes a mile long then you’ll need a least a base coat of make-up. Guys like girls who look after themselves, keep themselves looking their best. In this case, even a trip to the shop could lead to meeting your number 1. Cliché, maybe… but it could happen.

If you’ve already met the potential husband to be, then you’ll need to keep him on his toes. Spontaneous actions of affection can pretty much never go wrong. I’m not saying you need to splash out thousands to buy him a Rolex or a car or whatever, I mean organizing a picnic in the park just for you two, but not telling him about it is the key. Everyone likes a good surprise.

Now there’s always a ‘what if?’ query about calling him or returning the call if he calls you. You don’t want to seem too interested, but you don’t want to ignore him and he perhaps ‘get the picture that you aren’t interested’. If he calls you and you’re able to talk, then answer it, what could the harm be? However, if he calls you and you’re in the bath or in a meeting then ignore it, and ring him back when you feel it’s suitable, i.e. when you’ve finished the activity and have free time.

Make sure your nighttime look is different to your daytime look. Keep your daytime look fresh and floral; think floaty dresses, pastel colours and minimal make up, just nice and fresh. This means that when you go on the hot date with Mr. Interested you can change your look and keep him on his toes. Think bold colours, magical monochrome, your killer heels, smokey eyes and red lips. But obviously keep the look appropriate for the activity. You don’t want to just keep him interested, you want to blow him away right?

Now that I’ve said what you should do, here are a few things you shouldn’t do:

  • Although you should always be yourself, if you’re the kind of girl who likes to swear now and again, keep the language to a minimum just until you can be sure it won’t scare off your new guy.

  •  While we’re on the topic of being yourself, if you are, like me, quite outgoing and open about yourself, then perhaps you should learn what your new guy is like before you talk about yourself too much. You don’t want to come across as too loud and obnoxious, and everyone likes a good listener. Some guys find loud girls intimidating and irritating so be yourself, but yourself on a lead just for now.

  • And if you are the complete opposite and are quite self conscious, believe me compliment fishing is not the way forward. It may boost your ego a tad, but it comes across desperate. If your new man likes you then he will naturally compliment you.

  • It seems obviously but things like burping, breaking wind and generally doing things less –cough- feminine until you are completely comfortable. Some guys might find confidence attractive but you don’t want to risk scaring him off because you were a little too confident too early.

  • Whether you have been single for a long time or are on the rebound, everyone knows not to mention the ex boyfriend or a past boyfriend that you were particularly involved with. Pretty much every guy will take your ex boyfriend talk as an indication that you’re either not into the guy that much or your still not over your ex.

  • You don’t want to get too deep in conversations, keep it light and breezy until you know where you stand with him. You may have something happening in your life but your new man is not the person to talk about it to, that’s what friends and family are for. Once you’re completely comfortable with him then you can go to him for advice or a shoulder to cry on. But at first, you don’t want him thinking you’ve got too much ‘baggage’

    Just be yourself, have fun and we hope he is the man for you! And as always, keep those beautiful eyes on Drop of Pink for more tips and tricks to turn relationships into a breeze!

    For more relationship tips and tricks, keep those beautiful eyes on Drop of Pink!

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