The Ultimate Fashion Watch for 2012!

The Ultimate Fashion Watch for 2012!
Its summer 2012 and time for a new fashion accessory in the collection, time for a new watch?

There are so many watches to choose from, before buying one the main thing you must do is research! First of all decide what kind of watch you want to buy; there are 3 different options for this:

1. Vintage watches
2. Luxury watches
3. Practical watches
Why buy a vintage watch?
A vintage watch can be hard to obtain, with so many replicas around on the internet it can be hard to recognise what is genuine. So why would you want a second hand watch? Well with a genuine vintage watch, you could be in possession of the only watch of that kind in existence! Vintage watches have a story behind them, probably a lifetime of s tories. Not to mention that the vintage fashion scene has become more alive than ever in 2012 with vintage shops absolutely booming especially in the East London area. Vintage watches can range in price depending on where you purchase them from, if you’re lucky you’ll find one in a market, boot fair or charity shop. If not there are vintage boutiques and you can also browse online, although you want to make sure you are dealing with a genuine seller.




Luxury watches – why buy a watch to last a lifetime?
A luxury watch is something that most people would be pleased to have, but many can’t afford. They are generally gold plated and handmade but there is such a variety of luxury watches on the market it would take a lot of research to find the ideal one! Luxury watches tend to be made by brands that have been in the industry for years and have their watches made to the highest quality. If you find a watch that you simply fall in love with then it’s definitely worth saving up for, after all where would you be without a watch?!

Practical watch – less expensive but does the job!

So what makes a practical watch? To start with alls we need really is a watch that functions properly and tells the time. Casio watches range from £40 and fit well with the vintage scene of 2012. They have alarm settings and are even waterproof – it doesn’t get more practical than this! You can get a range of sizes and even adjust the strap yourself which saves time and money. Many high street stores sell a range of practical watches that look very fashionable, so really, who could tell the difference?!

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