10 Steps to Transform Curly Hair to Straight!

10 Steps to Transform Curly Hair to Straight!

Transform Curly Hair to Straight!

If you have curly hair or know someone who does then you’ll be aware of the hair envy we curlies have on the striaghties. But it’s not all doom and gloom because you can get straight hair in these 10 simple steps. Plus i’ve put together a little tip collection to help you on your way to temporary Jennifer Anniston style, sleek and straight hair.

Step 1. Before getting into the shower (or bath) wet hair with cold water. Use the cold water as if you have shampoo in your hair, when finished comb your hair straight. Or if you find it difficult to de-tangle your hair, try skipping the combing until you have conditioner in your hair, and comb hair through then. This will make de-tangling much less pain and stress free.

Step 2. Put 1/4 cup of oil (peanut oil works the best) onto your hair, taking extra care with this step (less is more, especially if you have already oil prone hair). This ensures softness and shine which is the most important for bone straight hair! Keep the oil in for about 90 seconds or so, no more than 2 minutes, then lightly rinse out with lukewarm water.

Step 3. Once you have completely rinsed the oil, you can then gently shampoo hair. Gently doing this will help minimise frizz by ruffing the hair up during showering. Rinse the shampoo out after one minute with cold water for added shine. Be careful not to add too much shampoo, as shampoo dries out the hair every time you shampoo (which is why we condition afterwards), so less is more with shampoo. Then you can lightly condition the hair (if you can find a range of shampoo’s and conditioners for curly hair that help with keeping it sleek and straight then using these would be ideal). Leave the conditioner on for also one minute and then rinse.

Step 4. Towel dry the hair. Do this not by rubbing and ruffing up the hair, but gently squeezing out exess moisture with the towel is much better for reducing frizz and runaway ends. Repeat this step accordingly.

Step 5. Blow dry the hair. Try and blow dry the hair as straight as you possibly can, as this will save time when it comes to straightening it later. Using a heat defence spray is essential for these next few steps as your hair will take a lot of beating from the heat so it’s best to protect it to minimise split ends and frizz.

Step 6. Part your hair into an upper and lower section (half ponytail), clipping the ponytail high up so it won’t get in the way. Make sure if you have thick hair that you part your hair so that the bottom half isn’t too thick. Taking your time in these next few steps will definitely pay off in the long run.

Step 7. Set your hair straighting iron to the appropriate setting for the thickness, texture and managability of your hair. (These settings should be indicated on the straighteners packaging or booklet). Wait for the straighteners to reach the appropriate heat setting, then get ready to begin. Make sure your hair is tangle free and spray the hair with some heat defence spray, then spray the bottom half of the hair with hair spray, massaging this in for about 10-20 seconds.

Step 8. Thoroughly straighten the bottom half of your hair, taking time to get all the kinks and curls out. Once this is done, spray in some more hairspray and massage in. An optional step is adding some glossing spray or serum for added shine.

Step 9. Unclip the top half and thoroughly straighten this half, taking your time as you do this. Spray all of the hair with hairspray and massage lighly in

Tips on keeping your hair straight all day:

1. Blow drying your hair upside down with a round brush followed by straightening is the best way to blow dry the hair.

2. Using a silicone serum on your hair is a sure fire way to keep it looking sleek and straight, but be careful not to choose one that will be too heavy for your hair if your hair is fine or thin.

3. When you’ve finished straightening your hair and it is still warm, put it all behind your shoulders so it falls down your back. This will stop unwanted waves being created by the curve of your shoulders while you hair is heated as heated hair takes on shapes more easily just like heated plastic or metal.

4. Always be careful when using heat appliances like straighteners as you can burn yourself easily, also never put hot straighteners down on carpet as it could cause fire damage and burns if stood on (come on we’ve all done it!).

5. Be careful when using oil in the shower, as substantial quantities of oil down the plughole can cause damage and is potentially costly to fix.

6. Make sure your hair is completely dry before straightening the hair unless your straighteners are wet2straight ones, however drying hair at least partially is advised to reduce heat damage to the hair.

7. Even though you want your hair to remain sleek and shiny throughout the day, avoid brushing it too regularly. This can cause greasiness and frizz and also that horrid static look sometimes.

8. And obviously, putting your hair up into an updo (ponytail, plaits etc) will cause waves, kinks and curls so avoid putting your hair up for a long period of time. If you absolutely have to tie your hair up during the day (when cooking, working etc) then use a wide toothed clip instead of a hair tie to minimise waves.

If you want to have beautiful hair, straight or curly then check out our ‘How to Manage Curly Hair‘ article, and also ‘How to Get Curly Hair‘ if you have naturally straight hair and want a change.
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