Top 8 Make Up Mistakes!

Top 8 Make Up Mistakes

Make Up Mistakes

Alright, so it’s all good to have brilliant tips and tricks to follow but if you’re making the cardinal mistakes of make up then those tips and tricks are worth nothing. In my opinion, women should have a crash course in make up just like you would in first aid and driving. I’ve made up a list of the top 8 mistakes made in make up and cosmetics in the hope that women will stop making them.

1. Using the wrong colour foundation

This mistake is huge, and if you do it, it is a sure fire way of making yourself look stupid and amateur. We all feel better with a bit of a glow to our skin, but if your body is pale and your face appears tanned then we’ve got a big problem, and people WILL notice it. Some people may blame it on the lack of proper lighting in the room that they apply make up, some may blame it on sales or picking wrong, however there is no longer an excuse to have the wrong colour foundation. I recently saw an advert on tv for Boots (but i’m sure other places do it), and this advert was highlighting their new Foundation service, where they use a machine to match your skin to a foundation perfectly, and I know it works because my mum had it done while I watched. It takes about 5 minutes, and then once the service is complete the lady will then point you in the direction of the foundation that you matched too, it’s as simple as that.
You can also find what colour skintone you are by observing the colours of your veins in your wrist. If your veins are greenish in colour, this means your skintone is warm (meaning you have yellow or olive undertones in your skin). If your veins are blue or purple then this means your skintone is cool. Alternatively go to our find the right hair colour for you article, this will also help you find your skintone. But the conclusion of this being, don’t pick a foundation colour because it is more like the colour that you aspire to be, because this won’t make it happen and will most likely cause ‘tide marks’ (the marks around your face where the dark colours stop and the actual skin colour starts).

2. Applying concealer without foundation

Ok, so maybe you want to hide that dark patch of skin or that collection of blemishes quickly and then be on your merry way, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Many people make the mistake of thinking that concealer is pretty much the same as a foundation but just for small areas of the skin but that’s a huge mistake. It’s called ‘foundation’ for a reason, applying concealer without foundation is like building a house without any walls. Spending time blending just concealer into the skin is much more effort than its worth because you will still be able to see the patches of concealer sitting on top of the skin like a lost dog. It’s much easier to slap a thin layer of foundation before applying concealer as a base coat, making blending concealer much easier and hiding blemishes much more effective. Also the same mistake can be made with choosing a concealer that’s darker than your foundation, (like in mistake number 1), so make sure that when you buy a foundation, buy concealer in the same shade.

3. Not using moisturiser

I know that we are all sometimes too busy or don’t have enough money but moisturiser is by far the more important factor for healthy youthful skin. Which is why you should make time, and moisturisers don’t cost a bomb and if you use properly and sparingly will last you for a good amount of time. One of the main reasons why some people don’t use moisturiser is because they have oily skin and don’t feel like they need it. Hydrating the skin properly will actually reduce over production of oil in oily skinned people, so there is a reason to use moisturiser and it’s a big one! And for the other people who have dry skin, you can use pretty much anything as long as you use something. But looking for ‘hyaluronic acid’ in the ingredients is good because this ingredient binds moisture to the skin.

4. Thinking you can’t wear bold lipsticks

So you may not be an extravagant woman, or don’t want to stand out of the crowd but let me assure you that in this day and age bolder is definitely better! It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 58, wear what makes you comfortable. Now I never used to wear bold colours on my eyes, cheeks and definitely not lips but in the last 2 years i’ve realised that I can experiment with colours and shades until I feel comfortable. So now when I go out I wear a smokey eyes, big bold lashes and red lips because it makes me feel sexy and bold and YOU CAN TOO. Try getting together with your friends, ask them to get their make up collection out and you take yours along and experiment with make up looks, you’ll be surprised at what your friends think you suit!

5. Blusher like a clown

There’s a difference between rosy cheeks and the ‘omg i’ve just been hit in the face’ look and the latter is certainly not sexy at all. People who literally look like they have pressed a pot of cream blush onto their cheeks and then left it in a perfect circle mustn’t look in a mirror before they leave the house. And the other extreme is people who pretty much draw one very thick and bold line of bright pink blush from their cheek to their temple, blush works as a facelift if done properly, that however is just scary. Remember that it is much easier to add a little blush than it is to take a load off your face, so start little and add until you feel it is right but bare the clown look in mind.

6. Far too much lipgloss

Alright, so having shiny lips is one thing but appearing like you got too hungry and ate the entire lipgloss stick is another. I like lipgloss as much as the next person but I definitely don’t adore when people apply far too much because in my opinion it looks trashy and sticky. A simple slick across the bottom lip (just so the lipgloss is visibly shiny) and then press both lips together and that should be enough lipgloss. Only re-apply once the stickiness has worn off and it is no longer visible otherwise you can risk overdoing it.

7. Overdone eyebrows

I have naturally dark and thick brows so I don’t have to draw them on, but there is such thing as getting very carried away when drawing on brows. I’ve seen so many girls on a night out wearing what appears to be black tadpoles for eyebrows and let me tell you, it looks ridiculous. Especially when their eyebrows are a different colour to their hair (e.g. jet black horrifically thick brows with platinum blonde hair)… enough said. You can find a shape and thickness of eyebrows that match your face shape by checking out our article on Finding Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape to avoid embarrassment and ‘the only way is essex syndrome’.

8. Spider Mascara

Now i’m terrified of spiders at the best of times so I don’t need to freak out everytime I see one disguised as peoples eyelashes! Now i’m not saying thick eyelashes are a bad thing, this is literally my personal preference. I prefer long lashes that are obviously individual lashes, not so clumped together that you only appear to have about 6 lashes altogether. If you’ve achieved the spider lash look by accident, then I forgive you and it’s only a matter of finding a good quality no clump mascara. I find Maxfactor Mascaras work well for this. But a sure fire way to avoid the spider lash look is to only apply one or two coats of mascara at the most.

So try and avoid these mistakes, find what looks suit you and most of all feel good about yourself. Keep those beautiful eyes on DropOfPink and check out our other make up tips to keep you looking beautiful all year round!

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  1. plus too strong eyeliner during the day or generally too stong make up, personally I believe that more natural your make up looks like, sexier and younger looks your skin

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