Tips On Maintaining Your Beautiful Lips!

Tips On Maintaining Your Beautiful Lips!

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Prettify your Pout!

Alright, so we all know the main features that we look for with guys, well it’s the same for them. Nice eyes, fresh skin and soft lips. We pay a lot of attention to our skin but perhaps we neglect our lips, especially in the winter months and they become cracked and dehydrated. Think of your lips as a sponge, when exposed to water they absorb water and plump up, but when dehydrated they dry up and shrink.

• Massage your lips every day with a mix of almond oil and honey to keep them moisturised and crack free.

• If you have a problem with dry lips then mix olive oil with vaseline and apply to your lips 3 to 4 times a day, this remedy will prevent chapped and dry lips and keep you looking fresh no matter what the weather!

• Apply a good amount of your favourite lip balm before going to sleep, You can also mix some lip balm with a little crushed sugar, this will give you soft and supple lips because the sugar acts as an exfoliator, it will also make them more pink and plumper. Also, try to maintain the moisture in your lips by applying lip balm every few hours.

• Using an old toothbrush, wet it and gentle rub the bristles against your lips for about 5 to 10 minutes, this will exfoliate the dead skin off and keep your lips fresh.

• Drinking enough water in the day will keep your skin and lips hydrated, so take a bottle of water everywhere you go.

• Believe it or not licking your lips effectively dehydrates them because saliva breaks down the protective barrier in the lips causing them to dehydrate, so apply lip balm if they are feeling dry instead.

• Knowing the good ingredients to look out for is key. Beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, jojoba and vitamin E are all fantastic ingredients to have in your lip products. Patroleum jelly works well too so vaseline will keep your lips hydrated.

• Protect your lips from the skin, they are succeptible to sunburn because they don’t contain melanin (the pigment that helps sheild skin from the sun). Apply a product like Neutrogena Daily Lip Moisturiser (around 3 pounds, widely available) or perhaps look for a lipstick with SPF 15 like Estee Lauder Futurist which comes in 22 shades (usually under 15 pounds, widely available).

• Matte lipsticks are extremely dehydrating, this helps the lipsticks stay on for longer. Thats why you should use them incredibly sparingly when you have dry or chapped lips, instead alternate between these and lipsticks with Vitamin E and/or glycerin in them. Either that or add a moisturising lip balm before applying lipstick.

• Obviously as more of a health tip, never apply lip product testers directly on the lips as this can transfer bacteria from the previous users lips to your own, so to see whether the lipstick would look good for your skin tone, apply a little onto the back of your hand and hold up to your face.
• To treat cracked and dry lips, crush rose petals together and mix with a little butter to create a paste. Apply this to the lips before you go to sleep at night and you will wake up with softer and pinker looking lips.

• Mixing rose petals with butter or glycerin is also an incredibly effective way (if repeated nightly) of getting rid of that nasty darkening of the lips. As is applying a little lemon juice (but be careful if lips are cracked and broken as lemon juice will sting if it gets into cuts or splits in the lip).

Tips for ladies with thin lips:

The perfect colours to make lips look fuller are neutral ones, these being beige colours and light pinks. Lining the lip just outside of the natural lip line with a lip liner identical to your natural lip color will help blend the look, making the line appear more natural and not artificial.

You can use a peppermint oil to bring the blood to the surface of the lips to create a fuller look for a few hours, re-applying the oil every few hours as needed.

Ladies with thinner lips should always avoid certain colours. These being much darker colours, such as dark purples, deep reds and of course blacks. And ladies with thinner lips should never line their lips outside of the natural lip line with a colour darker than their natural lip colour as this creates the lips to look thinner still. This lining technique should only be done with lip liners identical to the natural lip colour.

And also, the easy and foolproof way of creating fuller plumped lips is with a lip plumping gloss, applied to the centre of the lower lip.

I’d do some tips for ladies with fuller lips but lets face it, we all envy you. Embrace your fuller lips, treat them with care and pout those lovely smackers!

And as always, keep those beautiful eyes on DropOfPink!

2 Responses to “Tips On Maintaining Your Beautiful Lips!”

  1. Gracey says:

    Hi! Do you have any tips for girls with kind of bulgy lips, to flatten them a little? I know this sounds awkward, maybe “bulgy” wasn’t exactly the right word, but my kind of lips shows up super unattractive in photos and look really bad with lip gloss. Thanks!

    • Lind says:

      Lip gloss would make them look bad because the shine that lipgloss has brings out the curves in your lips. Wearing lipgloss is advice I give to women who want to make their lips look plumped and more rounded. Although having fuller lips is a good thing and a lot of women would envy you, try wearing nude colours such as beige and very discreet pinks (avoiding darker colours like deep reds) and wear matte colours not shiny.
      Also, a good tip is play up your eye makeup a bit more, drawing attention away from your lips but not hiding them away because I bet they’re lovely!

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