Romantic Things To Do At Christmas!

Romantic Things to do at Christmas

romantic things to do on xmas with your couple

So Christmas is the time for love and sharing, but sometimes it can be overpowered by family get together and your relationship with your husband or boyfriend can be put on hold. Use these romantic festive ideas to keep your relationship warm and cosy over the winter celebrations:

1. Have a Romantic Dinner Out

Start the night off picking what eachother should wear, shower and dress eachother and you could even let him do your make up for a laugh (you can always take it off afterwards). Eat at your favourite Restaurant and pretend it’s your first date again. Try eachothers meals and chat about things you don’t usually chat about.

2. Have a ‘Come Dine With Me’ night but just for two.

Make two courses each (one does appetisers and starters, the other does main and desert) and score eachother out of 10 on effort. You could add personal touches to your dishes, like heart shaped starters or kisses on the pie for mains. Don’t feel like you need to push the boat out with fancy foods if you don’t want, just have fun, cook and eat together.

3. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmas movies, put together a list of yours and your boys favourite films and watch them back to back all day. Cuddle up on the sofa or on a bed and just watch. But ovbiously be accompanied by endless supplies of chocolate, sweets, popcorn, cake… yeah you get it. And even better, if you have a fireplace at your disposal, then cuddle up infront of that. You could even make it more romantic by just watching in your underwear all day, put some sexy christmas lingerie on but make sure you close the curtains first!

4. Christmas Morning Breakfast in Bed.

If you and your boyfriend or hubby are enjoying Christmas morning alone, then you won’t be bugged by young and eager celebrators ushering you to the tree at the crack of dawn. So instead of rising with the sun, wake up naturally and either venture down to the kitchen alone, or have your man serve as sous chef and throw together a tasty but quick breakfast, perhaps poached eggs on toast or something along those lines? (remember something light because you’ll be having lots of food that day). Then jump back in bed and sink into the pillows as you enjoy your lovingly made breakfast.

5. Exchange Christmas Love Notes.

Before Christmas Day, write your partner a love note and ask him to do the same. Then on Christmas Eve, place your notes in envelopes and place in eachother stockings. Then on Christmas Day, open them and let the love come alive!

6. Compliment Treasure Hunt.

Everyone knows that on boxing day the festive spirit sometimes fizzles out. Keep it alive by having a compliment treasure hunt. Each of you have 10 slips of paper each, write down the top 10 things you like about eachother and hide them around the house to discover throughout the day, it’ll brighten both of your days and keep your love alive!

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