Top 10 Snow Inspired Make Up Looks‏!

Top 10 Snow Inspired Make Up Looks‏!

As there is still snow falling outside for most of us, and snow days are in full swing, I thought i’d keep the snow mood flowing. I’ve trawled the web and picked out the Top 10 Snow Inspired Make-Up Looks, some relatively simple to achieve, some er… not so simple. Enjoy!

1. A definite snow queen look, complete with face jewels, white mascara and coloured contacts. Very striking!

snow queen

2. I love, love, love this look! All white face with those fabulous lashes, which alone are enough to create a striking look. But then she has those blood red lips, which if you add a little silver glitter to the bottom lip, you can create the same shine look that she has. And then to top it all off, she has that wonderful crown too, only a look worthy of a queen.

snow white makeup

3. Okay, so Kirsten Stewart, our very own twilight star is rocking a much easier look to achieve. The simple yet effective silver/white eyeshadow with a little smokey eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eye is enough to create a simple and easy icy look.


4. Wow. All I can say is wow. The hair and earings are just fabulous but the eyes are beyond fabulous. So striking and colourful. Okay they don’t really fit in with ‘snowy’ colours but I couldn’t resist!

awesome eye makeup

5. I really like this eye makeup look. The colours almost give you the chills just looking at them, very icy blues. And the colour on the eyebrows really pushes it that little bit further as i’ve never seen someone apply bold colours to their eyebrows.

blue eye make up

6. This is more of a dark icy look with the black eyelashes instead of white or light blue. I chose this look because I love the colour of her lipstick. This look would be good for women with blue eyes as it will make your eyes pop!

winter snowy eye makeup look

7. I wanted this look on my list to show how effective face jewels can be. Just a few jewels either side of your eye with some striking silver or white eyeshadow and you’re onto a winner!

grey snow look eye makeup

8. This look absolutely has to be on my list! The artwork on her eyelids must have been tricky to do, but all that work payed off because what a wonderful and striking look.

beautiful eye make up idea

9. What a more fitting look than the white queen, Anne Hathaway. Hair as white as snow and blood red lips, it’s an easy and effective look.

white queen makeup

10. Last but not least, here’s a look that I liked because of the pattern on her eyes. It’s snow queen meets black swan-esque and I think it’s really effective and quite easily achievable if you concentrate or get a friend to help!

black and white eye make up

Have fun in the snow if you have it in your area, keep your skin hydrated and wrap up warm. And as always, keep those beautiful eyes on DropOfPink!

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