8 Ways to Clean Oily Skin!

8 Ways to Clean Oily Skin

tips to keep clean oily skin

Men as well as women have skin that needs to be well looked after, so let’s look at a number of simple methods to clean oily skin. Most people want to have skin that is attractive to look at, fresh to the feel and beautiful. But when your skin becomes oily it can make it look greasy and unattractive and in need of cleansing. If you are someone that suffers from too much oil on the skin, you will appear to have a shiny glow.

Pimples, whiteheads and blackheads are some of the features that blight the face or other parts on an oily skin surface. One of the most effective methods of reducing the oily skin on your body is to use a gel made from Aloe Vera. This should absorb the excessive oil from the skin and clear out the dirt that has settled in the pores. It is in these pores that the blackheads (and whiteheads) form. It is recommended that you apply the gel twice a day, once in the morning and again before bedtime but in cases where the skin is extremely oily you may want to make the application three times a day.

You can apply salt solution to the face by sprinkling some salt in a glass of clean water and apply it onto the face by dabbing it on with a cotton wool wipe. Similarly to the salt solution you could also dab milk onto the face, again by using a cotton wool wipe, then allow it to sit on the skin for around 15 minutes before removing it with tepid water.

If you have any liquid soap, try adding a small amount of baking soda, where you can then apply the mixture with clean hands using your fingertips for a better application. This is a great way of removing blackheads and other pimples that have prospered alongside the greasy, oily skin.

It is said you would never want to be seen with egg on your face, but the yolk of the egg is a great way to remove excess oil from your skin. Makes sure you wash it off after 20 minutes, using cold water, rather than tepid and the grease levels on your skin will have been noticeably reduced.

Finally, cold water splashed over the face is a good way of removing some oils on your skin if you are not able to use any other cosmetics to hand. Simply blot dry the face with a paper towel, rather than rub dry.

If you experience oily outbreaks during the day and aren’t around a sink to wash the excess away then purchase a small pack of ‘blotting pads’ (available from most large beauty stores). Simply blot the pad around the oily areas of your face to remove excess oil. Repeat this as many times as needed while your on the move, and then resume your beauty regime when you get home.


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