Hair Trends of 2013!

Hair Trends of 2013!

We all like to follow trends. Whether these are fashion trends, celebrity styles, make up or hair. Some are a little easier to follow than others especially with celebrity and designer styles costing a fortune to follow. However, this is where hair style and colour trends come in handy because as long as you have the right coloured/styled hair then you are off to a good start!

Here are 10 of the most followed hair trends of 2013 so far:

* Imaginative Braids

With events like weddings coming up for the spring months, these sort of braided styles are increasing rapidly! And with the idea of a nice clean perfect braid being thrown out of the window, styles like curved French braids and braids around large buns are the new style. Bye bye perfect braids… hello imagination!

hair trends 2013

* Beehive

This classic 60’s style has been brought back for a while with a edgy take on it. With Amy Winehouse being the most recognised for having this hair style it is no surprise that people followed. The style used to be more elegantly ‘Audrey Hepburn’ esque, it has slowly evolved to bigger and messier days. The bigger the better with this style, as demonstrated by Amy Winehouse, Adele and Cheryl Cole!

amy winehouse hair style

great hair style

* Ombre

Look out for this style, as its on a rapid increase this year! With celebs such as Jessie J, Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore jumping on the ombre bandwagon, how can we resist doing the same?! Jessie J is a perfect example of a daring ombre style as she’s gone from dark roots to mousy brown/blonde tips breaking out of the usual 1 or 2 shades difference in ombre styles. But this is not quite as daring as Jessie J can go, she’s also dip dyed black hair with red tips too, go on girl!

Jessi J hair style

Jessi J hair style 2013

* Quiff

Ah, the quiff. Made famous (for perhaps the wrong reasons) by Jedward, a lot of men have taken on to this style tremendously. However to our surprise, women are now jumping at the chance to sport an edgy quiff. Demonstrated perfectly by singer Pink, the quiff can bring out the face shape, attract attention and is relatively easy and quick to achieve. However since Miley Cyrus had her drastic change of hair style, I think she pulls off the rocker chick quiff perfectly too. Let’s hear it for girl power, Right on!

Pink Quiff 2013 style

miley-cyrus quiff hair cut 2013

* Short & Edgy

Like I said for the quiff, a short and edgy hairstyle can frame the face, attract attention and is much easier to maintain than some longer more advanced styles. Sure, a short choppy style is a drastic change from other styles but if you have the right face shape and have a positive attitude towards the hairstyle then you’ll be able to pull it off much like celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Kimberly Wyatt do!

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2013

celeb short blonde hair style 2013

So don’t be afraid to be daring, go for what style you want and don’t hesitate to rock it with confidence! For more hair style tips check out ‘Find the Right Hair Colour For You!’ and as always, keep those beautiful eyes on DropOfPink!

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  1. Girly Girl says:

    Honestly wish Miley would go back to longer hair, but she’s beautiful no matter what. She could shave all of her hair off and still be beautiful. My favorite hair trend would have to be ombre.

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