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Ribon Tie


So I was sent two Ribbon Tie 3 in 1 products from my lovely friend at Ribbon Tie. I received the two products in lovely packaging, and the delivery was speedy and easy! She even threw in a couple of hard boiled sweets (i’m a sucker for sweets!).

The two products I received were:

1. A Ribbon Tie hair tie that doubles up as a comfortable bracelet and anklet. It is the colour purple (available on her website in the ‘Ponceau’ set) and has a circle shaped diamante feature in the center.

2. A Ribbon Tie hair tie that doubles up as a comfortable bracelet and anklet. It is the colour turquoise (available on her website in the ‘Glaucous’ set), I chose this ribbon tie to come without a diamante feature.

The two products are pictured below (turquoise top, purple bottom).

image (1)

As my hair is very thick, it was difficult to use as a hair tie for all of my hair up in a ponytail etc, so instead I used the purple ribbon tie to secure a pretty side plait. First of all, the little circle diamante feature is so cute and different, so when I secured my side plait at the bottom with it, I made sure that the diamante feature was facing the front. I wore this plait all day and because it was sunny the diamante feature glistened in the sun! The purple contrast to my dark hair was really pretty, and the Ribbon Tie was comfortable and didn’t tug my hair at all.

image (5)

Since I couldn’t secure all of my hair up into a ponytail, I instead decided to secure my hair into a ‘half up half down’ style. The ribbon tie worked perfectly for this style, securing my hair without tugging and pulling like some other hair ties do. And because the Ribbon Tie’s are thick, they give the hair a unique look instead of a regular hair tie.

image (2)

Out of pure coincidence, I realized that the turquoise hair tie matched my nails perfectly! It is such a pretty colour, perfect for summer time! As my wrists aren’t that small, I struggled using the Ribbon Tie as a bracelet so I think perhaps these Ribbon Tie’s would be perfect gifts for children or teen’s as bracelets or anklets. And because there are so many colours to choose from (at such great prices), they can have a Ribbon Tie for different outfits. This could help little fashionista’s in the making!

image (3)

All in all, I would definitely recommend Ribbon Tie’s to my readers as they are unique, easy, pretty and don’t snag your hair or leave ugly ‘hair kinks’.

If you would like to purchase either of these two items that I received or any other items that she offers, head over to her website www.ribbonties.bigcartel.com or search for her eBay shop! And as always, keep those beautiful eyes on DropOfPink!

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